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The storyline (AKA: Narrative mode) is a game mode which can be selected once you load your character and talk to the NPC Ava.

The storyline starts once you are level 70. You start by talking to the Healer NPC in the main town "First City".

If you stuck use Oracle's Aide , she would tell your current progress and what you are missing .

The Proving

Requirements: Narrative mode; Base level 70

Once you reach base level 70, talk to the Healer NPC who will teleport you to NPC Oracle who will start your first test "The Proving".

This will test three areas: Mores (Character) | Vires (Strength) | Artes (Skill). The order in which you will be given each quest is random!

Quests are randomly picked by the system for each character. Differencies can be found excluding the following article. In the end all varities leads you to same result.


One of your task is to find NPC Instructor Airiam, located at the top floor of Geffen Tower (/navi gef_tower 103/33 /navi gef_tower 103/33). Talk to her to start your quest on proving your character.

Once of the tests to prove your character is to raise a pet - but not just any pet - you have to tame a Dokebi. This will be a difficult pet to raise, and doing so will eventually prove your Patience, Dedication, and Love.

The first thing you need to do is to find its taming item Old Broom, which is dropped by Alice (4.0%) and Bathory (2.0%). It's best to do this on a character with the collector charm so that the drop rates are doubled. Make sure you are using Bubble Gum!


Find NPC Instructor Tell, located in the Merchant Guild in Alberta. Go to Alberta then type /navi alberta_in 16/66 /navi alberta_in 16/66 to locate him.

Quest: Refine an armor to +10

NPC Fredrik (/navi alberta_in 28/58 /navi alberta_in 28/58) is a refiner NPC who can help.


Find NPC Instructor Cross who will ask you to kill an Eddga, which spawns in pay_fild11 (Warper NPC➡Fields➡Payon Fields➡Payon Forest)

Roll Call

Requirements: According to level

Series of quests sending you into different dungeon levels and completing different quests

The Briefing

Requirements: According to level

It's like military drafting: All new Protectors will need to attend a briefing, which upon completion unlocks The Portal (the different dungeons) and Arcane Mastery.

When there's a call for drafting, there might be a certain chance for one to avoid being drafted.

The Portal

Can be accessable via Captain Ron NPC located at firstcity (214/216).

You need to be complete proving and follow the briefs for access there.

Casual mode players can access without doing quests given by Oracle.

Interesting , usefull equipments , chests , cards can be found.

Unique mvps can be seen .

Enjoy the realm....