Personality Test

When you create a new char, talk to NPC Thaddeus on your left. She will ask you a series of 10 questions, and use that personality test to determine which charm you will get:

If you select the right answers, you will get a charm

Fighter - Green [ Uncommon ]: +5% damage to Demi-human

Hunter - Green [ Uncommon ]: +5% damage to Boss monsters

Collector - Green [ Uncommon ]: Drop Rate: +100%

Test Questions :

Q1 a) Big monsters do not scare me, I chase after them! b) I'm good, I'm the best, and I claim glory that I am! c) Very peculiar indeed, I wonder what does it do.

Q2 a) Dream b) Prize c) Bounty

Q3 a) Brains b) Brawl c) Bonus

Q4 a) Trash, trash, trash… Ooo… What do we have here b) It has been here… I feel it close… Shhh… c) All muscle, I wonder if they're of any use

Q5 a) Bravery b) Stature c) Fame

Q6 a) Value r b) Honor c) Dignity

Q7 a) Wait for it… Wait for it… NOW!! b) Go grab it now before they're all gone! c) First strike!

Q8 a) Skill ➵ Hunter b) Strategy c) System

Q9 a) Show-off b) Blend-in c) Stand-out

Q10 a) Somebody is gonna pay for this! b) I'm going! Who is with me? c) Mine! Mine! Mine! ALL MINE!