These are the questions that are frequently asked. Did something happened recently that made you go "What the FAQ?" If so, this post just might have what you're looking for. If not... keep exploring!

Newcomer Questions

Q) What is the name of the main town map?

The Beginning (firstcity)

Q) What commands can I use?

In the game, type @commands. You can see more commands on the Commands page.

Q) Where can I level?

Main article: Beginner's Guide

Q) What should I do after leveling?

Once you reach level 70, talk to the Healer NPC in the main town to start the Storyline (must have selected Narrative mode when you logged in)

Q) Is there an MvP room?

Not as of the moment

Q) Is there a command which can add status points quickly?

Use this format: /str+ 250

Q) Where is the mall?

Players can set up stalls in the big circle area in town (you'll know it when you see it ^-^). We are working on setting up NPCs which sell more equips too.

Q) How do I automatically loot a specific item? From where can I find this item? Where can I find that monster? How can I fight it?

  • @alootid +
  • @whodrops
  • @whereis
  • @mi

How To

Main article: How To

Q) How to create a guild?

How To: Create a Guild

Q) How to create a party?

How To: Create a Party

Q) How to record a video?

How To: Record a Video

Q) How to delete a character?

How To: Delete a Character

Client-side Issues

See: Technical Support

Q) I am getting an error message "Entry Point Not Found". What should I do?

Rename the dbghelp.dll file to dbghelp_old.dll

Q) Why do I keep getting errors/crashes when I'm trying to install/play the game?

A) It's better to use 7-Zip to extract the file

B) Antiviruses are known for false threats when it comes to RO. They can also delete/corrupt some important files. For that reason, we advise players to turn off their antiviruses and firewalls before downloading until after patching the game.

Q) Why do I get red messages in my chat log with the words "Resource file loading fail"?

It is a minor spiriting issue message that appears on all clients. It doesn't affect gameplay. However, we are constantly working on getting rid of all the error messages, so please bear with us! In the meantime, please report any error messages to us on Discord.

Q) Why did I crash when I viewed my friend's equipment?

Viewing others' equipment will cause you to crash if they have an aura or a similar mid-headgear with spriting issues equipped. Ask your friend to remove his or her middle headgear then try to view the equipment again. Please report any bugs to us on Discord.

Q) Why does it say "Now Logging Out" when I try to log in to my character?

That's because you last logged the character out near an automatic dialogue NPC. What you need to do is log in to experience-ro.com, then select your character and click on "Reset Position". This will reset your character's location back to your save/restore point, away from any automatic dialog NPCs. Then log in and it should work just fine.

Q) Why am I lagging?

Apart from ExperienceRO being hosted on one of the biggest hosting services worldwide, we do everything we can to make the connection smooth. If you're still experiencing lag, then we suggest trying another ISP and see if that makes a difference.

Entry Point Not Found


Q) What does @afk do?

The @afk command logs your character out, but its 'presence' is still in the server.

Q) What is the point of @afk?

Mostly, players use @afk after using @market to allow their markets clones to stay online while their actual characters are offline. Also, the equipment of @afk clones are still viewable if players leave equipment open to the public.

Similarly, merchant vendors can use @autotrade to keep their shops open while they are offline. See: Vending

Q) Do we earn ERO Coins when using @afk?


Q) Why did I stop receiving ERO Coins every hour?

Either you used @afk, opened a chat room, or were inactive for too long

Q) Why is my DEF negative?

Your case is likely one of the following:

  • You're using Tao Gunka Card which decreases DEF by 50%
  • You have so much DEF from refinement that your DEF overflowed. De-refine some, then check your DEF afterward.

Q) Why can't I use [insert skill name here]?

It could be due to different reasons, depending on the case:

Q) Why do I get messages that say "Miss" when I'm fighting an MvP?

You could try increasing your seeking attack (which helps to not miss targets when performing physical skills), using equipment that enhance seeking attacks. You can also increase your seeking attack using the Hunter Card Set and the Ancient Mummy Combo.

Depending on your character, you may need more DEX/Hit. When you get the message, you could also try to wait 5-10 second before hitting your target again.

Also, make sure that the element you're using counters your target. See the Elemental/Attribute Property Tables for reference.

Q) I used a card that enchanted my armor with a property (Angeling, Ghostring, Pasana, etc). Why do I still get hit?

Enchanting your armor with a certain property/element does not necessarily make you resistant to that element. See the Elemental/Attribute Property Tables for reference.

Q) I'm using Bubble Gum, but the drop rates aren't increasing. Why is that?

There are two types of Bubble Gum: regular Bubble Gum (Item ID: 12210) which says that it increases drop rates to 200% (2x the standard rate) and (Item ID: 12412) which says it increases drop rates to 300% (3x the standard rate). Neither of the descriptions are to be taken literally. They do not increase the actual drop rates. When using Bubble Gum (regular), killing a monster will behave as though you killed it 2x, giving you two chances of obtaining the item. Say you're hunting Lost Soul (drop rate: 10%) with HE Bubble Gum. This is the process:

  1. Using Bubble Gum, you killed "x monster " for 10% of obtaining "x item ". Did the player receive it? If so, end roll 1. If not, Step 2.
  2. Using Bubble Gum, you killed "x monster " for 10% of obtaining "x item ". Did the player receive it? If so, end roll 2. If not, Step 3.
  3. Using Bubble Gum, you killed "x monster " for 10% of obtaining "x item ". Did the player receive it? If so, end roll 3.

As you can see, the drop rate is still 10%, but it's as if the gum gave you more chances of obtaining the item.

Q) Does using more than one Bubble Gum stack? Do Bubble Gum and HE Bubble Gum stack?


Q) How do I tame a monster without taming items?

Pet tame items or use a professor's Abracadabra (AKA Hocus Pocus) skill.

Q) I am using a Mistress Card. Why do I still need a gemstone?

Mistress Card only covers 1 gemstone. That means that if a skill (such as Abracadabra) requires 2 gemstones, it will cover 1 gem, but you'll still have to cover the other one.

Q) I have tried to tame a monster many times, but why haven't I caught it yet?

Taming rates have been modified in the server to be at a 10% (?) success rate, whether the player is using taming items or Abracadabra. Abracadabra's taming spell also only shows up at a 10% rate. For this reason, be careful when trying to tame a summoned MvP. See

Q) I want to feed my pet, but the food is unavailable. What should I do?

Pets foods that are not easy to find have been replaced with "Pet Food" for easier access. Try to feed that to your pet. If it still doesn't work, check the Pet System page to make sure that you are using the correct food for your corresponding pet.

Q) Where do pet eggs go when I store them?

Pet eggs are in the armor/equipment category. You must use an Incubator to hatch pet eggs.

Q) Why is my SP very low when using Fallen Bishop Hibram cards?

FBH cards reduce SP by 50%. The drainage can be helped by using Pharaoh Card.

Q) My Star Gladiator has the Blind effect and it isn't going away. How can I fix this?

This is a side effect of using the "Demon of the Sun, Moon and Stars" skill. To make it go away, reset your skills at the Reset NPC. Avoid using that skill if you wouldn't want its blinding effect.

Q) Can I reset hatred?


Q) Can we change guild masters?

Yes , in guild tab you can simply right click the player that you want as new guild master then click "Assign as guild master" .

Rules and Etiquette

Main articles: Rules and Regulations; Warnings

Q) A player KSed a monster I wanted to kill. What should I do?

Move along and try again. Kill-stealing is part of the Ragnarok Online experience! The game developers made it that way for a reason. When it comes to MvPs, most servers rule them as free-for-all, and so do we. Also, @noks doesn't work so just try to be a good sport about it.

Q) Some players type too quickly in Disguise Event. Are they cheating?

There are players who use the Alt shortcuts (Alt+M) for quick answers. This is very discouraged of players to do, but it is not considered cheating, so please be careful when reporting other players. See the Reporting Guidelines for more information.

Q) Is GRF modification allowed?

You are allowed to modify sprites.

Q) Are we allowed to use bots/macros/third-party software?