Beginner's Guide

Contact @Helpers via Discord or use "@guide me" command in game if you need assistance :)


After you create your character, talk to NPC Thaddeus on the left and answer her personality test which will give you a charm which will help you become a Hunter, Fighter, or Collector. If you couldnt get any , ask the community or helpers . Warning: You only have two chances of answering the questions correctly, otherwise you will not get a charm!

Starting Out

After you finish the test, talk to NPC Ava to the right who will ask if you want to play in Narrative mode or Casual mode:

  • Narrative: You will embark on a journey with a beautiful storyline coded by Jacque herself, where you will get lots of custom quests rewards
  • Casual: All dialogues are skipped, and you will not participate in the storyline or custom quests nor rewards

Ava will then warp you to the main town "First City".

There's a good selection of events you can participate in which will give you ERO Coin.gif ERO Coins. You can either save the coins for later, or you can sell each coin for 100,000z at any of the dealer NPCs in town (e.g. Tool Dealer). It's a good idea to buy lots of butterfly wings and fly wings from the Tool Dealer 🦋

Playing Disguise event can let you win Event Boxes which can give custom headgear and jewels to equip like cards to your accessories.


Talk to the Warper NPC who can take you to towns, fields, and dungeons for 1,500z. We suggest you first buy some butterflywing / flywings or even ammunition from NPCs , then you can go those towns , fields and dungeons where you can level up.

There's no leveling room, but leveling up and changing jobs is just like normal. You can talk to the Job Master NPC in the main town to progress your class (e.g. Novice➡Hunter➡Archer➡Sniper). If you are in Narrative mode, you can talk to the Healer NPC as soon as you hit base level 70 to start the storyline!


Storyline is triggered only if you selected Narrative mode the first time NPC Ava warped you to town!

Once you reach base level 70, you can start the Storyline (you must select 'The Narrative' upon logging in talking to NPC Ava). Talk to the Healer NPC in the main town to begin. More info here!